The Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology accepts unpublished scientific manuscripts at a high scientific level. The content must be neither fully nor partially published or planned for publication elsewhere (must be clearly stated in the cover letter). The journal contains original articles, literature reviews, case studies that contribute to science and are of interest in the practice of obstetrics, perinatology, gynecology, neonatology, anesthesiology and resuscitation in obstetrics and gynecology, and other interdisciplinary issues.

The materials submitted to the editorial board must meet certain technical requirements:

Articles up to 8 typewritten pages are accepted for publication, including illustrations, bibliography, abstracts, reviews up to 10-12 pages.

  • The text must be written in Word (.doc / .docx) in the standard font Times New Roman, 12 pt.
  • On the first page must be written consecutively: the title of the article (NOT in capital letters), the initials and surname of the author without: academic degree and title, the institution, the city, the name and title of the head of the institution, department and the title of the head of the department.
  • The title must be followed by an abstract in Bulgarian and in English, respectively titled. The abstract should contain in synthesized form sufficient information about the content of the article and should be up to 200 words.
  • The tables and figures numbered in sequence are presented in the appropriate place in the text. The titles of the figures are below them, and those of the tables are above them.
  • Figures and photos are submitted as separate files (for better print quality).
  • The bibliography must be up to about 20 titles is formed according to the following samples, in English:

а) monograph: Yarakov, L., Assisted labor, Medicina I Fizkultura, Sofia, 1978

б) thesis: Ivanov, G., Postterm pregnancy, Diss., Sofia, 1980 г.

в) article (up to three authors): Petkov, G., N. Ivanov, D. Popov, Preventive Cancer Screening in Women, Akush. I Gynec., XXIV, 1987, 45-51.

г) article with more than three authors: Stanchev, M. et al., Intrauterine retardation of fetus. Akush. I Gynec. XXIV, 4, 1987, 52-54.

The bibliography must be arranged in the order of citation in the main text. The designation of the cited authors in the text is done with a number in brackets (the serial number from the bibliography). When a name is required in the text, the spelling is as follows: initials, surname and year of issue. All authors and titles must be submitted in English.

You can find a sample manuscript here.

Articles should be sent to the e-mail of the journal: The materials presented in the editorial board must meet the technical requirements described above. The articles will be peer-reviewed, approved by the members of the editorial board of the journal and will be published after meeting the scientific and technical criteria. Articles that do not meet the listed requirements are not considered in the editorial board.

The publication in the journal is FREE. No review and publication fees are required.

●     Cover letter:

When submitting a manuscript to the journal, it should be accompanied by a cover letter, which aims to help you convey the importance of your manuscript to the editors and explain why you think it is suitable for the diverse readership of Obstetrics and Gynecology. It also mentions who will be the coordinating author for the publication and his contacts so that the editors can correspond directly with him. Please note that you must provide information about your affiliation with institutions and contact information for you as a corresponding author. The cover letter is not passed on to the reviewers.

You can find a sample cover letter here.

●     Additional information:

All sources of financial support for the study must be mentioned, including the provision of funds or services or financial compensation from a commercial organization. If there are sponsors – provide a list of all, including an explanation of the role that the sponsor (s) play in the design of the study, data collection, analysis and interpretation, writing the report, the decision to submit the report for publication, or a statement that the sponsor (s) did not participate. Reveal any financial contribution that may represent a potential conflict of interest for each individual author

  • Institutional and ethical approval
  • Patient privacy and consent